a)       The spaces rented available  to your organization as stated on the quote

b)      Front of house, which will be available to patrons 60 minutes prior to commencement of event

c)       The performance spaces rented, seating areas and lobby prepared prior to occupancy

d)      Theatre, heated or cooled, house lights and overhead stage work lights

e)       All stage curtains in the Theatre’s standard inventory. – Manipulated by Theatre approved personnel only.

f)        Four (4) front-of-house lights – All other lighting is rented as part of the production package.

g)       Sound System (console, amp and speakers) and public address system (one microphone).

h)      Electrical outlets.

i)         Initial consultation with staff to plan and implement your rental.

j)         Your chosen space for 6 hrs.

Walk-throughs of the theatre are by appointment only.  Drop-ins cannot be accommodated.

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