Batavia Fine Arts Centre Rental Agreement – Out of District

Batavia Fine Arts Centre Rental Agreement

All necessary documents are attached below.  Please review any documents necessary to your rental.


RENTER CLASSIFICATIONS:  Availability of the Fine Arts Centre shall be determined, in case of conflict, based upon the following prioritized categories of users.  For category 1 and 2 please see administrative procedure 2.

  • Category 3: Batavia Park District
  • Category 4: Youth organizations of school age children attending Batavia Public Schools
  • Category 5: Entrepreneurial Enterprises Involving Batavia Public Schools Students
  • Category 6: Taxing bodies and other non-profit organizations based or operating within School District #101
  • Category 7: Any other responsible organization not named above.

OUT OF DISTRICT REQUEST: Each rental request by an individual or organization must be submitted to the Batavia Fine Arts Centre office at least 30 days prior first proposed use.  Events must be scheduled around the Centre’s scheduled events. Centre activities take precedence.  See process map.

HOLDING A DATE: Dates may be held on a tentative basis (without a contract or deposit) for two weeks after a hold is requested.  Unless a potential user confirms the date, the tentative hold will be automatically released at the end of the two-week period without notice.  In the instance that a second interested party is able to make a 50% deposit within the two week hold period the original inquiry will be given 24 hours to remit a 50% deposit.  If a deposit is not received the tentative hold will be automatically released.

RE-SCHEDULING: The Batavia Fine Arts Centre reserves the right to re-schedule.  If re-scheduling is required, the Batavia Fine Arts Centre shall provide notice in writing to the renter/user at least 24 hours in advance.


Click here for Rental Fee Inclusions.


DEPOSIT: An initial deposit of 50% of the rent must be paid to reserve any date at the Centre. No date will be reserved without a deposit. This deposit is not refundable. Make remittance payable to, Batavia Public Schools District 101, in check, cashier’s check or money order and submit it with a signed rental quote.

RENTAL PAYMENTS: Balance of minimum rental and all estimated charges are due one week in advance of the event, No payment will be accepted unless it is in check, cashier’s check, or money order. Make this remittance payable to, Batavia Public Schools District 101.

OTHER FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS: A $1,500 damage / security deposit is required with the signed rental agreement two weeks after receipt of agreement. All deposits and fees determined in the rental agreement must be paid in full one week prior to the event. Failure to follow the payment schedule indicated on your contract will result in cancellation of the event and loss of deposit.  Production fees and expenses not predetermined in the rental agreement and incurred in the course of the event will be invoiced after the event. Payment for these charges is due upon receipt of invoice. A 5% charge will be added to fees still outstanding 30 days from invoice date. The Renter is responsible for any costs associated with collection of payments (legal fees, bank fees for returned checks, etc.)  The $1,500 damage / security deposit is refundable after the event provided there is no damage to the facility. Any outstanding fees or expenses assessed after the event will be subtracted from this deposit and the difference refunded.


STAGEHANDS: The District Theatre Manager or designee has full and complete charge of the stage at all times. All events shall employ as many stagehands as deemed necessary by the District Theatre Manager or designee to set up stage, perform event and break down stage.  The District Theatre Manager will arrange for the necessary venue technicians. As the promoter or sponsor of the event, you will be responsible for compensating the venue technicians based on the fee table in section 14.  The required number of stagehands is the sole responsibility of the renter.

USHERS/HOUSE MANAGERS: The Batavia Fine Arts Centre will supply a House Manager for your event. The House Manager charge will be billed at final settlement based on the fee table in section 14.  As all events don’t require ushers, they are the responsibility of the individual or organization using the centre.  The number of ushers necessary for a particular event will be determined by the House Manager and all ushers must go through training with the House Manager or designee prior to guest arrival.  House Manager arrives 75 minutes prior to first expected guest and remains a minimum of 30 minutes following the last guests exit.  For every 275 people in the house, one house manager is required.

TECHNICIANS: Technicians are called 30 minutes prior to renter/user arrival and must remain a minimum of 30 minutes following user/renters departure.  These costs are at the expense of the user/renter.  More hours may be necessary based on usage and will be determined by the Technician.  Technicians may NOT be assigned to any one location, they are to remain mobile at all times.  If you need someone to run your lights and sound, that will require additional staff.

BOX OFFICE:  The Batavia Fine Arts Centre can organize the sale of tickets for your event.  Tickets will go on sale a minimum of 10 business days following the submission of ticketing forms.  All online ticket prices must be $2.00 less than phone or box office orders.  Consult with the Theatre Manager for Box Office hours.  Click here for a list of ticketing fees.

Click here for a listing of standard staff fees.  Inquire prior to accepting if you have any questions.


MERCHANDISE: All merchandising rights and privileges are reserved to the Batavia Fine Arts Centre. Permission to sell these items in the Centre must be obtained from the District Theatre Manager. The commission is 20% of the gross sales unless sales buyout package is purchased; see the fee table in section 14.

 FOOD AND BEVERAGE SALES: The Batavia Fine Arts Centre has an exclusive on food & beverage sales.  If an organization wishes to sell their own food & beverage they may wish to purchase a sales buyout package, see the fee table in section 14.  Food or beverage will not be allowed in the theatre.  All concessions must conclude sales 5 minutes prior to performances start time and the conclusion of intermission.  Popcorn may NOT be sold.

FOOD AND DRINK:  No food or drink are allowed in the house.  Consumables are allowed on stage.

LEGAL REQUIREMENTS:                                      

LIABILITY INSURANCE: Renter/user must provide proof of $1,000,000 insurance policy covering public liability, personal injury and property damage.  Certificate should list dates of use and designate Batavia Public Schools District 101 as an additional insured.  If the District Theatre Manager determines the event to be extremely hazardous minimum insurance policy must increase to $2,000,000.

COPYRIGHT MATERIAL: Renter/user warrants that all copyrighted material to be performed has been duly licensed or authorized by the copyright owners or their representatives and agrees to indemnify and hold Batavia Public Schools District 101 harmless from any claims, losses, or expenses incurred with regard hereto including legal fees.

SMOKING/ALCOHOL: Smoking, including E-cigarettes, is not allowed in any public building or upon public school property in the state of Illinois.  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed anywhere on the Centre premises.

COMPLIANCE: Renter/user agrees that every member connected with renter/user’s use of the building shall abide by, conform to and comply with all the laws of the United States and State of Illinois, and the rules and regulations of the Centre for the government and management of said building, together with all the rules and regulations of the Police and Fire Departments of the City of Batavia, and if the attention of said renter/user is called to such violation on the part of Renter/user or any personnel employed by or admitted to said premises by said renter/user, said renter/user shall immediately desist from and correct such violation.

INDEMNITY: Renter/user agrees to conduct its activities upon the premises so as not to endanger any person lawfully thereon, and to indemnify and save harmless Batavia Public Schools District 101 against any and all claims for loss, injury or damage to persons or property, including claims of employees of renter/user, or any contractor or subcontractor arising out of the activities conducted by the renter/user, its agents, members or guests.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Any renter/user using the Centre for activities, which include school-age children, will ensure compliance with the Batavia Student Code of Conduct.  Any illegal behavior will be referred to proper authorities for appropriate legal action.  The renter/user’s contract may be terminated immediately without refund if the renter/user fails to comply with these provisions.


GENERAL CARE: Renter/user agrees to cause the premises to be kept clean and generally cared for during said term.  Renter/user agrees to leave facility in original condition; failure to do so will result in a maintenance fee with a two-hour minimum, see price table in section 14.  Further, renter/user agrees that only decorators, caterers, and contractors approved by the Centre shall be employed.

DEFACEMENT OF PROPERTY: Renter/user shall not injure nor mar, nor in any manner deface, said premises, and shall not cause nor permit anything to be done whereby said premises shall be in any manner injured or marred or defaced nor shall renter/user drive or permit to be driven any nails, hooks, tacks or screws in any part of said building nor shall renter/user make or allow to be made any alteration of any kind therein.  Tape will not be permitted in any portion of the Centre unless prior authorization has been given by the district theatre Manager or designee.

PROPERTY DAMAGE: Renter/user shall pay for any damage to the Centre or its property or equipment by the renter/user or renter/user’s employees, agents, contractors, members, licensees or invitees.


PUBLICITY: Those who rent the Centre must handle their own publicity. Press releases may be emailed to the district theater manager for distribution to the Batavia Fine Arts Centre’s press list.  When tickets are sold through the Batavia Fine Arts Centre, Renters/Users can get the following 30 days prior to event …

  • Web banner on rotation
  • Lobby display case
  • One email blast to patron database

All of the services above hold a minimum 10 business day turn around.  Other services may be available for purchase, inquire with the Batavia Fine Arts Centre staff for information.

REHEARSAL: With all-day rental, rehearsal time is included for the same day. Additional rehearsal time may be added, see table in section 14.

TICKETS:  When organizing the sale of your own tickets please follow the guild lines below.

  • Tickets should state
    • the address as “1201 Main Street *Please enter on Wilson Street*”
    • “Late arrivals are seated at the discretion of the Batavia Fine Arts Centre Staff.”
  •  10 tickets in row “H” should be held aside as Box Office holds.
  • The last row of the Balcony should not be sold – This is where late arrivals will be sent
  • 10 tickets must be provided for each performance to the Batavia Fine Arts Centre a minimum of 24 hours prior to the opening performance. 4 of these tickets must be in row “H”.

The Batavia Fine Arts Centre will not link to external sites for ticket sales, however, we do have the capability to sell tickets to your events on our site, see section 4.4.

MORE THAN ONE SHOW: Only one show per-three-hour period of rental is allowed, both for crowd control and clean-up.

RESERVED SEATS: It is not required that all events at the Batavia Fine Arts Centre be by reserved seating.

CHILDREN:  Any performance with children under the age of 13 will require chaperones.  One competent responsible adult for every 15 children, performers and/or crew cannot work as chaperones.

INTERMISSIONS:  When an intermission is scheduled, BFAC shall be notified of the time and duration of intermission.

PROGRAM:  Must list the following individuals under a section titled “Batavia Fine Arts Centre Staff”.

  • Batavia Fine Arts Centre Manager ………. Dominic A. Cattero
  • Event Technical Director …………………. (Insert Name)
  • Arts Management Intern ………………….. (Insert Name)
  • Technical Theatre Intern ………………….. (Insert Name)

DAYTIME PERFORMANCES:  Daytime performances are required to buss all attendees to the site.  Please note: restrooms for these performances are located in the make-up room.  Security personnel may be required.  Those patrons needing to eat a lunch or snack should do so on their busses.  Click here for a full list of Daytime performance rules.

PLOTS: Plots and line set, lighting and sound schedules are approximate and subject to change without notice.


The Scene Shop is not included in any rental package.  A Scene Shop rider must accompany the quote if the renter/user’s event requires a representative to utilize any of the tools located in the Scene Shop.  The liability insurance of the renter/user must state that the renter/user’s organization and representatives are insured for personnel injury due to power tools, including power saws.  The renter/user, their representatives and their families also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Batavia Public Schools, its board, employees, members and agents against all injuries, including death, which may occur while utilizing Scene Shop equipment.


CANCELLATION: of any event must be made within 90 days of usage.  Once a quote is signed first and second deposits are required.  First and second deposits are non-refundable.  Even in the event of cancellation both deposits are due.  Should an organization not show up for the scheduled event and/or not notify the District Theatre Manager of the cancellation 90 days prior, full room and staff fees beyond the deposits will apply.  All cancellations must be in writing via email.

SCHEDULE VARIANCE: Any deviation from the approved schedule requires the approval of both the District Theatre Manager and assigned personnel.  All fees from original schedule will stand and additional space and personnel fees will be applied.


The Batavia Fine Arts Centre reserves the right to refuse service.  Facility quotes may be revoked at any time by the Batavia Fine Arts Centre.  Guests or patrons not following an appropriate code of conduct may be removed at the discretion of the House Manager, District Theatre Manager or Designee.

These policies are subject to change.  The renter agrees to follow the current policies at the time of rental date.  They may be viewed prior to rental on here.

I AGREE (By clicking, “I AGREE”, you are agreeing to the information above including fees as described and are responsible for the dates requested should they be available.  If the dates you requested are not available, you are not responsible for any payment.  For general questions do not use this form, email us by clicking here.)

I DO NOT AGREE (By clicking, “I DO NOT AGREE”, you will not be permitted to reserve the Batavia Fine Arts Centre.)

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