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Presley, Perkins, Lewis and Cash Rock Once More at the Batavia Fine Arts Centre

You definitely won’t want to miss a night of pure entertainment and fun with the most rockin’ artists of the twentieth century! The four men that you will see on the stage represent the music artists that stood in the center of the rise of the phenomenon known as ROCK AND ROLL. Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash are performers that, having shaped a whole new genre of music, will never be forgotten.

Join us at the last touring show of the season to witness the recreation of how these men shaped rock and roll, a genre that overtook America from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. The origins of this genre are highly debated among historians of music, however, it is mostly agreed upon that it comes from the Southern United States, and its roots lay in the rhythm and blues, originally called “race music.” It is said that blues, gospel, country, and folk music influenced this “race music” until a time of great technological change came around – the invention of the electric guitar, and instruments of that nature.

In the mid 1950’s, Presley, Perkins, Lewis, and Cash drew on the country aspects of early rock and roll to create a rise in a new denomination of it, called “rockabilly.” Although some of these artists caused controversy with their style of music along with their black influences, it didn’t stop them from creating what we now know as “Rock’n’Roll.”

Here in Batavia, we want to celebrate the four artists that helped give rise to the phenomenon of ROCK we know today. The four-man cover band coming to the Batavia Fine Arts Centre, each one representing one of the famous rock’n’roll artists, knows exactly how to help you do so.

You won’t want to miss this ROCKIN’ show! Stop by the Batavia Fine Arts Centre on June 21st, 2019, at 7:30 PM to see “Presley, Perkins, Lewis & Cash,” the amazing band of cover artists! Standard tickets range from $32 to $42 depending upon seating location. Prices vary as show dates near. Get more information about tickets at or by calling the Box Office at (630) 937-8930.

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Is the Batavia Fine Arts Centre Right For You?

The Batavia Fine Arts Centre is professionally managed with a state of the art lobby and auditorium along with sound and lighting system. We also are proud to hold 890 seats in the main theatre and host over 100 shows and performances each year. Boasting many amazing reviews by many visitors to the facility, we recommend everyone to become a patron at the Centre, because some shows that are held here… you just can’t miss.


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