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The Fox Valley Nutcracker is back for the holidays at the Batavia Fine Arts Centre!

Don’t miss this heartwarming fairy tale ballet celebrating 5 years

The Fox Valley Nutcracker, a fantastic winter show to get you back in the swing of the holidays, is sure to blow you away to the land of make-believe and creativity. 110 cast members from 20 different dance studios in the Western Chicago suburbs and about 90 volunteers and members of the artistic staff and production team come together to produce such a magical performance.

Ashlie Andersen, the 5-year Artistic Director of the Fox Valley Nutcracker says that she wants the audience to remember that “we [the cast, crew, and production team] are a big family that come together to put on this show. From my family to all of the families involved, I have set my theme for this year as a community and family. The cast involves a multitude of performers of all ages, races, and abilities. Some even dealing with life-threatening illnesses or are cancer survivors.” This really goes to show how much care and thought is put into the show, and how much everyone a part of it really tries to “share the love and feeling of family” with the audience.

The tale itself is set around a family and a little girl who has the most magical night of her life and a special gift she receives on Christmas Eve turns her world upside down as she wakes up to find herself in the middle of a battle scene, dances with her prince in the land of snow and then travels on a journey through the land of sweets. To make this journey come alive, the cast rehearses from the end of August till the performances on November 24th and 25th.

Andersen wants to thank her assistant, Bridget Christianson for her support and involvement in the show and for always supporting her vision. “Without her, this show would not be possible.”

The Fox Valley Nutcracker was named one of the “top ten favorite must-see Nutcrackers in Illinois” by Pointe Magazine.

Performances will be held at the Batavia Fine Arts Centre on Saturday, November 24, at 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. and on Sunday, November 25, at 2:00 p.m. Regular tickets for adults run from $25-35 and tickets for children 10 and under are $20-30. VIP seating is also available in the first three rows of the orchestra section for only $40 and include a photo op with characters after the show. For groups of 15 or more, there is a special group rate of 10% off of your total ticket price.

Get more information about the ballet at, and more information about tickets at or by Calling the Box Office at (630) 937-8930.

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“The World of Magic… Where A Dream Comes True,” A Fantastic Show Along with Family Fun for Everyone!

“The World of Magic – Where a Dream Comes True” is a lush production featuring high energy magic illusions and whimsical variety arts woven into a story of hope. This wonderful, theatrical tale is about a young boy who gets captivated by a big illusion show and is driven to be a performer when he grows up. But, like so many of us, he is distracted from reaching his dreams for decades. You’ll be amazed and astonished, intrigued and entertained. You’ll laugh and perhaps shed a tear. The show features Vegas-style illusions, heart-pounding music, and variety arts reminiscent of yesteryear. The story of the character’s desire to make a dream come true is the story of many of us… and it is why this is a show that is perfect for audiences of all ages. It is sure to capture your imagination!

“The World of Magic” is an original theatrical experience produced by David Thomas. Thomas has earned both an

Emmy award and adulation as a producer of world-class entertainment for more than 20 years. With a story by David Hira, this collaboration creates a modern classic – a story of perseverance to realize one’s dream through a powerfully rich magic and illusion show.

Along with collaborating to write and produce the show, Thomas and Hira also use their talents to star in it, with a breathtaking cast to back them up.

“The World of Magic – Where a Dream Comes True” is perfect for an evening out, date night, or a whole family get together for a night of unbelievable surprises that will have everyone at the edge of their seat! “The World of Magic” will leave each audience member believing that anything is possible. For indeed, anything is!

Visit the Batavia Fine Arts Centre on November 16th at 7:30pm to see this spectacle come to life. You won’t believe your eyes as the enchantment casts a spell on you and takes you to the world of make-believe and wonderment.

Tickets range from $26 to $36 depending upon seating location. Students aged 10 and under receive $8 off the price of their ticket. Get more information about tickets at or by Calling the Box Office at (630) 937-8930.

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Is the Batavia Fine Arts Centre Right For You?

The Batavia Fine Arts Centre is professionally managed with a state of the art lobby and auditorium along with sound and lighting system. We also are proud to hold 890 seats in the main theatre and host over 100 shows and performances each year. Boasting many amazing reviews by many visitors to the facility, we recommend everyone to become a patron at the Centre, because some shows that are held here… you just can’t miss.

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Close to You: The Music of the Carpenters comes to the Batavia Fine Arts Centre

A stunning tribute to the famous vocal duo, the Carpenters, Close to You: The Music of the Carpenters is sure to leave at least one of the many famous singles in your head. Karen Carpenter and her brother, Richard, started performing together in 1965. They instantly became a hit and Karen went on to win three Grammy Awards and is now considered one of the best vocalists of all time. The duo reigned the music charts from 1969 until Karen’s untimely death in 1983. However, that isn’t to say that their legacy didn’t live on. It is clear to see now how much appreciation they still have in our world today.


Close to You is now on its ninth year of touring, and by the end will have played 250 shows in 39 states! At each venue they play at, the band is set on bringing back memories for those in the crowd. Lead singer and playwright, Lisa Rock, who has been performing to sold-out audiences for years, says that “people are amazed at the end of the show about how many songs they knew and how many memories the songs bring back for them.”


The gifted and accomplished group is so passionate about the Carpenters’ music. Rock and her 6-piece backing band dedicate themselves to recreating the experience of the Carpenters’ music, and they appreciate anyone who comes to see them perform; for them, each audience member is one more person that will be influenced by Karen’s timeless voice. Rock wants everyone who walks out of the performance to remember this and their time enjoying the art of live music.



Join us at the Batavia Fine Arts Centre on October 19th at 7:30 P.M. to see this wonderful band remake your childhood right before your eyes. They have worked so hard to make the performance as lively and entertaining as possible for those who have the chance to see it. You’ll be singing along to the most memorable songs of the 70’s, such as “We’ve Only Just Begun,” “Rainy Days and Mondays,” and certainly one of the most popular, “Close to You,” in no time. Have a blast while supporting live performers as well as the Carpenters’ everlasting music. Lisa Rock and her backing group are sure that you will be taken by the harmonies to the “Top of the World”.

Tickets range from $27 to $35 depending upon seating location. Get more information about the band at, and more information about tickets at or by Calling the Box Office at (630) 937-8930.


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