UNTIL WE ARE TOGETHER AGAIN … WATCH FROM HOME During the COVID crisis, the Batavia Fine Arts Centre is striving to give back to patrons for their support in the past and to give everyone entertainment to look forward to.  Therefore, we are delighted to bring you an eight-week STREAMING SEASON of 10 programs from major artists to enjoy from the comfort of

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We are all used to being able to entertain and communicate for and with our patrons and clients.  That is making this prolonged intermission even more isolating.  We want to be able to share art, theatre, music, and dance, and the way we can do that has abruptly changed.  I specifically use the word changed

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Plans for moving through the COVID Intermission!

Dear Patrons, Artists, and Renters May I first start out by saying how I miss talking with you, collaborating with you, and bringing the arts to life for and with you!  With that being said, the Batavia Fine Arts Centre has information to share regarding the remainder of the 2019-20 year and the 2020-21 year. 

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A Message from BFAC Manager.

Hello, friends in the arts. I wanted to reach out in these times.  I feel in the arts we have a special bond.  Whether our relationship is that of patron, student, artist, or appreciator of the arts, we typically have many interactions in a year, month, week, or even day.  Just as is the case

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Small Town, Big Names!

Since Batavia is considered a small town, it seems unique to have incredible people perform in our facility. We love the priceless looks people give when we unveil the big names appearing in our upcoming touring seasons! We strive to provide an enchanting experience that starts way before you purchase your tickets. We’ve had the

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New Upgrades!

With a breathtaking 47’ wide mainstage, a completely customizable black box theatre, a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system, and some of the best staff on the planet, it’s not hard to see the Batavia Fine Arts Centre has it all. We’ve recently received some amazing upgrades that were only possible because of the loyal patrons

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What Our Patrons Say


"Each season has gotten better in variety and... quality. ...the professionalism and variety of entertainment has only gone up a notch with each ... performance. As a subscriber, the quality, convenience and price make you a WINNER!"


"Fabulous! Dominic works hard knows what he s doing has a lot of enthusiasm for the arts the theatre is doing well because it has a strong leader who understands the arts and the community."


"Outstanding! Hope the good word spreads that we can have real artistic experiences in Batavia."

Best Deal in the Fox Valley!

"Best Deal in the Fox Valley!- Excellent Entertainment and Venue!!! Great Staff!!!! We are excited about this coming season. Thank you for all you do!!"

We had a wonderful experience.

"The ushers at the Osmond show were some of the most polite, kind people I have ever met. Same for the parking attendants. We had a wonderful experience."

The shows have been wonderful.

"The shows have been wonderful, great acoustics, not a bad viewing seat yet!"


"The whole experience has been wonderful - met at the front door and welcomed!"

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