Hello, friends in the arts.

I wanted to reach out in these times.  I feel in the arts we have a special bond.  Whether our relationship is that of patron, student, artist, or appreciator of the arts, we typically have many interactions in a year, month, week, or even day.  Just as is the case with many of the interactions we are missing, I too am missing our very valued interactions of artistic creation, appreciation, and growing as a community through the arts.
I know these times can feel isolating.  I want to encourage everyone to use the arts at this time.  There is still time to be inspired by reading or relieve your emotions through painting or explore our thoughts and communities through creation.  No matter how you isolate, you can isolate WITH the arts.  The arts are vital to our communities and ourselves every day of the year, but they are even more vital at times like this.  So yes, are we missing seeing a live play, being moved by a painting or sculpture, immersing ourselves in the sound of live music which can move us like nothing else.  Yes, yes we are.  But, I can’t wait to see all the creations that come out of this time.  The sculptures, the plays, the poems, the music, the books.  The stories of our humanity.  For generations to come these creations will say who we are today as a community.  And based on what I am seeing, so many of these creations are going to be of hope, resilience, and of a society growing.
If you’re an artist – create.
If you’re an appreciator – immerse.
If you’re anyone – stay hopeful.
All intermissions come to an end.
All sizuras stop.
All negative space has positive space.
Stay well, and I can’t wait to share in the arts with you once again!
Dominic A. Cattero