We are all used to being able to entertain and communicate for and with our patrons and clients.  That is making this prolonged intermission even more isolating.  We

want to be able to share art, theatre, music, and dance, and the way we can do that has abruptly changed.  I specifically use the word changed instead of stopped, because we CAN still do things differently.


In an age where you need to remain engaged, communicate, and be entertained; the Batavia Fine Arts Centre intends to continue being that gathering hub.  With the newest addition to the BFAC’s technology being a state of the art 5 camera live stream system, there is no need to cancel events when you can stream them.  In fact, be sure to look for the many school events you enjoy to change locations from BFAC, to wherever you are via streaming.  Need a solution for your small performance, meeting, speaker, or collaboration?  The possibilities for you are endless with the BFAC’s new streaming system.

We can stream to a combination of the following platforms…
* Your website
* Your Facebook page
* Your YouTube channel
You may
* Host free events
* Charge to view your stream
To stream, you can …
*Go LIVE from BFAC.
*Record at BFAC and stream later.
*Send us your recording and use our programmable streaming system to stream to multiple platforms at the same time.
Tired of things getting canceled?  Think differently!  Think creatively!  Think STREAMING!