I write to you today with some news regarding your tickets to “That Golden Girls Show”. At this time in our pandemic, the ability for the artist to keep the tour performing is not within their realm of capabilities.  Even with our state restrictions, we attempted to bring them here with the intention of presenting a live stream interactive event exclusively for our patrons.  Unfortunately, they were unable to accommodate this live stream option and have subsequently canceled the tour.   We are aware of the disappointment this brings as we remain in this extended intermission.  We know many of you have been viewing our streamed events and we hope you will all join us virtually until this intermission ends, at which time we may gather and celebrate the arts together.

Our goal for upcoming performances will be to provide you with updates, as it relates to COVID-19 and the status of performances, three weeks prior to any event.

If you did not receive an email on January 12, 2021 and you believe you should have, please contact us here for information regarding your three options.

Please note: Action is needed to provide you with the best accommodation for your situation.

Thanks for your understanding and STAY well!