On display at the Batavia Fine Arts Centre Gallery

September 8 – December 5, 2022


Raised in Batavia and currently residing in Downers
Grove, Capettini holds a Bachelor of Arts in Studio
Art and a Master of Arts in Teaching. Capettini has
won awards for her paintings, and her works are held
in museum/gallery collections in Batavia, Warrenville,
and West Chicago, Illinois, as well as private
collections in the United States and internationally.
Nature inspires much of Capettiniʼs work, in both
representational and abstract expressions. She paints
en plein air and from life whenever possible, including
in her own gardens where her motto is “plant what I
like to paint.” Her gardens are filled with iris, peonies,
and spring bulbs – but, so far, she has been unable to
protect sunflowers from hungry local critters.

Artist Statement

I never think of myself as someone who paints florals;
and yet, I paint a lot of flowers! They lend themselves
so well to my love of color, and their petals are
satisfyingly rendered with my painting knives. Many of
these paintings were painted en plein air, including
the still lifes, which I often set up in my backyard to
take advantage of natureʼs light. In addition to
painting the flowers I grow in my own gardens, I enjoy
painting at The Morton Arboretum and at local
prairies. Trader Joeʼs is my favorite source of flowers
for still life (besides my own garden, of course!).