What we stand for:

After years, and some might say decades, of planning the Batavia Fine Arts Centre was built in 2011 and opened its doors to the Fox Valley on August 20, 2011.  This space stands to provide arts education to the students of Batavia, an artistic outlet to organizations that utilize the space and entertainment to the patrons that pass through the doors.  Whether you are looking for theatre, music, dance, or visual art they all come to life at the Batavia Fine Arts Centre.

What we look like:

The Lobby of the Batavia Fine Arts Centre boasts a stunning two stories with stone pillars reminiscent of Batavia’s limestone quarries.  The box office contains a fully computerized ticketing system, including online ticketing and tickets at home.  While in the lobby notice how this space also serves as a visual arts gallery.  One of the live performance spaces is visible from the Lobby as you look toward the east wall.  The courtyard, while in performance mode can seat roughly 275 people and is great for choir and orchestral performances.  This space could also be used for receptions and parties.

The Black Box Theatre, which is located in the northwest section of the lobby, serves as a theatrical classroom as well as a second performance space.  Suspended in the air above the Black Box is a full pipe grid used for lighting.  One will notice this space has no defined stage or audience locations.  This is intentional as it is of prime importance that this space remains flexible, allowing the stage to be on any of the four walls or center of the room.  When the location of the stage is decided upon the portable risers and chairs can be set up in a stadium-style formation facing the performers.

Just off of the Black Box is the unisex make-up room with access to corresponding male and female dressing rooms.  The lobby also contains doors to the Main Stage, an 890 seat theatre with all of the amenities including; multiple projection screens, two trap doors state of the art acoustical wall treatments, three catwalks, a hydraulic pit, fly system, and a full orchestra shell.