Appendix C: Key Terms and Conditions


Base Rental

      1. The Renter shall have use of the spaces as stated in the Rental Fee Quote.
      2. The Front of House shall be available to patrons 60 minutes prior to commencement of Event.
      3. The Centre shall be heated or cooled, and house lights and overhead stage work lights operational during the Event.
      4. The Renter shall have use of all stage curtains in the Centre’s standard inventory.
      5. The Renter shall have use of four (4) Front of House lights. All other lighting is available at additional charge.
      6. The Renter shall have use of the sound system (console, amp and speakers) and public address system (one microphone).  All other audio equipment is available at additional charge.
      7. The Renter shall have use of electrical outlets.
      8. One consultation with staff to plan the Event.
      9. Use of the Centre for six (6) hours, unless otherwise stated in the Rental Fee Quote.

SCENE SHOP: The Renter may not use or occupy the Scene Shop.

Financial Requirements

DEPOSIT: An initial and non-refundable deposit of 40% of the Rental Fee Quote shall be paid to reserve any date at the Centre. No date will be reserved without a deposit.  

PAYMENT: All remittances shall payable to Batavia Public School District 101 and must be in the form of check, cashier’s check, or money order.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Any expenses not predetermined in the Rental Fee Quote and incurred in the course of the Event shall be paid within thirty (30) days.

OUTSTANDING BALANCES: Any outstanding balance shall incur a 5% fee for every thirty (30) days overdue.

Event Schedule Variance
Any deviation from the approved schedule requires the approval of the Centre Manager.  Usage of the Centre beyond the Rental Fee Quote is subject to additional charges. The Centre Manager reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the Event.  

Event Staffing and Labor

LEAD TECHNICIANS: The Centre will supply a Lead Technician for the Event at the Renter’s expense. Technicians shall arrive 30 minutes prior to and depart 30 minutes after the Event.  Lead Technicians may NOT be assigned to any one location, they are to remain mobile at all times.

HOUSE MANAGERS: The Centre will supply a House Manager for the Event at the Renter’s expense for every 275 expected patrons. The House Manager shall arrive 75 minutes prior and depart 30 minutes after the Event.

USHERS:  The number of Ushers, if necessary, for the Event will be determined by the Centre Manager.  Employment of Ushers are the responsibility of the Renter.   

STAGEHANDS/TECHNICIANS: The number of Technicians, if necessary, for the Event will be determined by the Centre Manager at the expense of the Renter.

Sale of Goods

MERCHANDISE: All merchandising rights and privileges are reserved for the Centre. Permission to sell items in the Centre must be obtained in advance from the Centre’s Manager. If permission is granted, the Renter must pay the District a commission of 20% of the gross sales unless a sales buyout package is purchased.   

FOOD AND BEVERAGE SALES: The Centre is the exclusive provider of food & beverage sales and maintains the right to sell items during the Event unless the Renter purchases a sales buyout package.  Any food and beverage sales must cease five (5) minutes prior to the performance and the conclusion of intermission.  

Care of Facilities

GENERAL CARE: Renter agrees to cause the premises to be kept clean and generally cared for during said term.  Renter agrees to leave facility in original condition.  Further, Renter agrees that only decorators, caterers, and contractors approved by the Centre shall be utilized.

RESTORATION: If any damage occurs to the Centre, or if any repairs or replacements need to be made, the Renter shall pay the District for any such damage, repairs, or replacements upon demand of by the District.

FOOD AND DRINK:  No food or drink are allowed in the House.  Popcorn is not permitted.  

EQUIPMENT AND PROPERTY: Centre property (including curtains, light and sound boards, and spotlights) shall be operated only by Centre staff or individuals approved by the Centre Manager.

Rehearsal and Production

PUBLICITY: The Renter is responsible for publicity of the Event.

TICKET SALES: The Centre will sell tickets at the discretion of the Renter.  In such cases, the Renter shall receive the following with at least ten (10) days notice:

      1. Web banner on rotation
      2. Lobby display case
      3. One email to patron database
      4. Other services that may be available for purchase.


      1. Tickets shall state the address as “1201 Main Street, (Please enter on Wilson Street) Batavia, Illinois 60510”.
      2. Tickets shall state “Late arrivals are seated at the discretion of the Centre Staff.”
      3. At least ten (10) tickets in row “H” shall be reserved for the Box Office.  Four (4) tickets in row “H” shall be reserved for the Centre.
      4. The last row of the Balcony shall not be sold but reserved for late arrivals.

MORE THAN ONE SHOW: Only one (1) show per three (3) hour period is permitted.

CHILDREN:  Any performance with children under the age of 13 requires chaperones.  One competent, responsible adult is required to serve as a chaperone for every 15 children.  Performers and/or crew may not work as chaperones.

DAYTIME PERFORMANCES:  Daytime performances are required to bus all attendees to the site.  Please note: restrooms for these performances are located in the makeup room.  

PLOTS: Plots and line set, lighting and sound schedules are approximate and subject to change without notice.

The Renter may cancel this Agreement at any time up to 90 days prior to the Event by providing a written notice of such election to the Centre Manager. If the

CANCELLATION: of any event must be made within 90 days of usage.  Once a quote is signed first and second deposits are required.  First and second deposits are non-refundable.  Even in the event of cancellation both deposits are due.  Should an organization not show up for the scheduled event and/or not notify the Centre Manager of the cancellation 90 days prior, full room and staff fees beyond the deposits will apply.  All cancellations must be in writing via email.