July 20, 2021 7:00 pm

Tune in to the student-directed, student-written, and student-produced movies from the Theatre Arts Independent Study class from Batavia High School. Four strong young BHS women use the power of storytelling to share their perspectives about life, relationships, moving on, and the future. These movies represent a semester of learning the art of movie-making in a difficult environment.

This event will stream in the video player above at 7:00 PM on July 20.


“Olive and Isaac” (written and directed by Vivien Cohen):


Olive: Ava Little
Isaac: Desert McGarr
New Technician: Venessa Plourde
Head Technician: Allison McPeak


“The Nightmare” (written and directed by Ava Little):
Valerie: Venessa Plourde
Mom: Allison McPeak
Jessica Fitz: Vivien Cohen
Bridget: Chloe Nelson
Stacy: Ashlyn Garrity
Nightmare Figure: Ivan Pynn
Ms. Baker: Violet McCann
Extras: Clara Patterson, Gemma Cohen, TJ Borre, Josiah Daneels, Tatjana Litow
“Til the End of Time” (written and directed by Allison McPeak):
Mary: Venessa Plourde
Addie: Vivien Cohen
Kate: Ava Little
“Without Further Ado” (written and directed by Venessa Plourde):
Eddie: Ava Little
Mom: Allison McPeak