Thursday, April 28th

“The Trial of Santa” by Don Zolidis- directed by Desert McGarr
A hilarious and goofy comedy where one holiday family wants to bring Santa to justice!

“Booby Trap” by Ed Monk– directed by Samuel Pershing
A timely, dramatic portrait of a soldier’s memories as he attempts to avoiding triggering a mine.

“The Lottery” by Brainerd Duffield- directed by Violet McCann
The whole town has collected for their ritual–the lottery. This dark fable of classic literature still resonates today.

“I Dream Before I Take the Stand” by Arlene Hutton- directed by Claire Dean
What is a woman’s responsibility in a world that blames the victim? A relevant trial.

Friday, April 29th

“The New Margo” by Stephen Gregg- directed by Zoe Weeks
A twisty, disturbing mystery in the vein of Hitchcock. Is Delta losing her mind?

“One Lane Bridge” by Stephen Gregg- directed by Kayla Giesen
This very twisted thriller explores what happens when dreams become reality and the past becomes the future.

“The Actor’s Nightmare” by Christopher Durang- directed by Ivan Pynn
Imagine arriving onstage without any preparation and being told you are the lead. All the world’s a stage!