December 20, 2020 - On Demand

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Normal ticket prices would be $11-$13 per person. Should you be in a position to make a donation to STAGE in that amount, it would be greatly appreciated and aid in the continuation of theatre programming throughout the year.

What is hope? Why and how do we hope? Is hope felt, thought, or innate? Where would we be in a hopeless world?

Hope, according to the cast of Project Ensemble, is the little things. It’s a new tree planted, a cup of coffee shared between friends, it’s a bystander standing up for what they know is right.  Hope is the relationships we have with those we love. Hope is honesty, joy grown from sadness, and it is courage in the face of fear. Hope is having faith in the sunrise when all you can see is darkness. Hope is also finding the stars beyond the blanket of night.

This original project looks at the world we currently reside in through the lens of students.  Have we lost hope?  Do we give hope?  Is there hope for our world?  These are all questions asked through three uniquely different 40- minute performances originally streamed on November 5, 6 & 7 at 7:30PM.  Find HOPE on our encore air date November 20, 2020, at 7:30 PM!

Hope means something different to each of us, we are all capable of feeling, having, and sharing. Like a flame passed from candle to candle, hope is shared. We can lose hope from time to time, but we can always relight our wicks.

Courage plus Fear equals Hope.