March 20 12:00 am

In this episode of “One Word,” we delve into the multifaceted world of “Trivial.” Join us as we navigate the thin line between what’s trivial and what’s vital, exploring how this distinction shapes our perceptions and decisions.

Your hosts embark on a journey through literature with a captivating exploration of Oscar Wilde’s views on triviality. Wilde, renowned for his wit and wisdom, offers profound insights into the nature of the trivial and its role in our lives. We dive into the world of mathematics and science, where the notion of a “trivial response” takes on a whole new meaning.

Join us as we unravel the layers of triviality, gaining a deeper understanding of its significance in our daily lives. Whether you’re a philosopher pondering life’s mysteries or a scientist unraveling the secrets of the universe, this episode offers something for everyone. Tune in to “One Word” and discover the profound truths hidden within the seemingly trivial, including the definition of what makes a sandwich a sandwich.