• We are located at the intersection of Western Ave. and Wilson St. on the campus of Batavia High School.  No entrance from Main Street.
  • Between the hours of 7am and 3pm, Monday through Friday, the Batavia Fine Arts Centre is a BUS ONLY location. All performance attendees MUST arrive and be picked up by bus. There may be other accommodations for cast/crew, but these must be discussed with the Theatre Manager ahead of the performance(s).
  • There is no parking for busses on site. Busses must leave the campus during the performance and may return no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the end of your performance.
  • Schools who choose to violate the busses only direction will only be permitted to park cars in the subdivision across from the Batavia Fine Arts Centre. Parking is limited to two (2) hours. The Batavia Fine Arts Centre is not responsible for tickets issued.  (Please dress for the weather in this instance)
  • Doors to the building will open 30 minutes before your scheduled performance. Please ensure you arrive at that time and not earlier.
  • Restrooms – PLEASE NOTE only children will be allowed into the Batavia High School bathrooms. Adults must stay on the Batavia Fine Arts Centre side of the doors. Adults who wish to stay with the children or who need the bathrooms themselves must use backstage bathrooms.

Please note: The Batavia Fine Arts Centre does not host daytime performances.  These performances are rentals, and all daytime procedures are communicated with and agreed upon by the renter.