Batavia Fine Arts Centre Postponements and Closures!


Original Date Event Status New Date
March 12, 2020 H.C. Storm 2/3 Musical Canceled Canceled
March 13, 2020 Carole’s Kings INFO SOON INFO SOON
March 14, 2020 Batavia Elementary Chorus Festival Canceled Canceled
March 16, 2020 Rotolo MS March Choral Concert Canceled Canceled
March 17, 2020 BSF … Rehearsal Canceled Canceled
March 18, 2020 Batavia Park District Dance Recital Rehearsal Canceled Canceled
March 18 BSF … Rehearsal Canceled Canceled
March 19, 2020 Batavia Park District Dance Recital Canceled Canceled
March 20-22 Beyond The Stars Postponed Sept 25-27
March 24
March 25 BSF … Rehearsal Canceled Canceled
March 26 BSF … Performance Canceled Canceled


April 3-5 Spotlight Events Postponed June 12-14
April 15 NAHS Senior Celebration and Induction Postponed September
April 17-18 BHS productions: Much Ado About Nothing Canceled Canceled
April 21 AGS Dress Rehearsal Canceled Canceled
April 22 AGS Spring Musical 3rd-5th grade Canceled Canceled
April 24-26 Ovation Dance Challenge Postponed Date TBA
April 27 NHS Induction Ceremony Canceled Canceled
April 28 HWS 4th/5th Musical Rehearsal Canceled Canceled
April 29 HWS 4th/5th Musical Canceled Canceled
April 30 Fine Arts Signing Day Virtual Event May 19
April 30 BHS One-Act Play Performance Canceled Canceled


Original Date Event Status New Date
May 2-3 Icon Dance Awards Postponed Date TBA
May 4 Pitch Night Canceled Canceled
May 5 Senior Band Concert Canceled Canceled
May 6 Senior Orchestra Concert Canceled Canceled
May 7 Senior Choir Concert Canceled Canceled
May 8-10 VIP Dance Competition Postponed July 13-15
May 11 RMS Pops Choral Concert Canceled Canceled
May 12 Senior Awards & Scholarship Night Canceled Canceled
May 13 Louise White Spring Musical Canceled Canceled
May 14 BSF … Performance Digital event Digital event
May 15 – 17 Leap! National Dance Competition Postponed Aug 8-9
May 18 -24 CYT Aurora Spring Show Canceled Canceled


Original Date Event Status New Date
June 4-6 Moves Dance Recital rehearsal and performance Canceled Canceled
June 3 and 7 Elite Feet Dance rehearsal and performance Postponed Date TBA
June 9 Indian classical dance rehearsal Postponed October 10
June 12 & 13 Kalapadma Dance Recital Postponed July 31 & August 1
June 16 & 17 DancEncounter rehearsal and performance Postponed Dec TBA
June 18 & 21 Batavia Academy of Dance Rehearsal and performance Info soon
June 19 Forever Young Info soon
June 20 Indian classical dance performance Postponed Oct 10
June 22-24 The Power of Dance Postponed Aug 3-5
June 25 & 28 Academy of Dance Arts Postponed July 30 & August 2

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