In the past months, I have written you with the promise of reemerging live performances.  The time to get excited about this is NOW!  We believe June will be both the last postponed performance and the first IN-PERSON event.  Please see the plans for our 2 upcoming June performances below.


At this time the LIVE performance of Hyprov Starring Colin Mochrie will be postponed to April 21, 2022.  The artists for Hyprov reside in Canada and unfortunately returning to Canada following the performance would be extremely costly for the artists as the Canadian government has a mandated reentry fee after traveling out of the country.  Due to this Canadian reentry fee, we have worked with the artist and accommodated the new date of April 21, 2022, at 7:30 PM.  The following ticketing policy discusses that information, so you are covered!  You don’t need to do anything but arrive and enjoy on April 21, 2022!

  • Performances subject to change.  If a show is replaced with another performance a patron’s ticket will be honored for the like replacement performance.  If a show has a date change the patron’s ticket will be honored on the new date

Piano Men

We could not be more thrilled than we are to say that Piano Men WILL be occurring on its ORIGINAL DATE – JUNE 24, 2021.  That being said here are some precautions for you to know about.

  • We will be limiting our audience to not more than 400 patrons.  Allowing us to maintain social distance.  NOTE: some seating reassigning will need to occur.
  • We will have a variety of pod sizes between 2 and 10 people with social distance between pods.
  • Masks will continue to be worn by patrons at this time.
  • Staggered entrance times will be assigned to patrons.
  • Separate restrooms assigned to patrons based upon seating location.
  • The BFAC HVAC system circulates air between 14 & 21 times an hour.
  • Fully vaccinated performers will be unmasked.

In order to accommodate everyone and their seating needs as we socially distance our pods, we ask our patrons to fill out this form which will aid us in the reassignment process.  We ask that you fill this form out no later than June 1, 2021!  All necessary seating reassignments will be completed by the end of June 8, 2021, and new tickets and information will be emailed to you at that time.

For those patrons uncomfortable with in-person performances, we will also have the option for a live stream of the event as it happens on our streaming site, BFAC on air!

New shows announced soon!

As we prepare to move into 2021-2022, we will not only present the postponed performances, but we are excited to announce that soon we will be unveiling a series of additional performances to accompany them.  Look for future emails by the end of June!