We welcome you to the 2021-2022 Season at BFAC! We believe this year will flourish for our students, renters, and patrons because of our staff’s accomplishments.

The past year has not been a slow one by any means for us. Over the past 15 months, the Batavia Fine Arts Centre has grown in multiple ways.

The centre’s production technology and patron enjoyment systems have undergone an overhaul. Everything from our sound system to our website has been rethought during this time. Beyond our physical improvements, we collaborated and innovated with many partners to CONTINUE bringing the arts to life for our region.

We look forward to the new forms of art, which will bring together our pre-pandemic focus with our current innovations for an even more fantastic arts experience for our patrons!


Expect to be astounded at your next BFAC experience! Many of the theatre’s systems are new, improved, and ready for the next performance. We look forward to unveiling these upgrades in person, and we hope to see you soon!

• New website with added functionalities
• Installed a multi-camera video streaming and recording system
• New lighting and grip equipment for filming
• Installed a new Barco 4K 30,000-lumen laser projector
• Updated AV and lighting infrastructure
• Replaced the main stage audio console
• Added front fill audio speakers
• Replaced the speakers in the Black Box theatre
• Repaired and replaced the top sacrificial layer of the stage floor
• Removed the previous projector housing from the front of the balcony
• Installed a new display for a confidence monitor and conductor camera