June 9 11:00 am

3 Hours

"La Magasin de Jouets Fantastique )The Fantastic Toyshop) June 9, 2024 11am purchase digital download


11:00AM Young Dancers’ Presentation
– Intermission –
12:15PM Full Ballet

Step into the enchanting world of “La Magasin de Jouets Fantastique” (The Fantastic Toyshop), where a famous Master Toymaker, his French Shop Maid, and favorite niece delight in a vibrant Parisian street scene. Witness the magical performances of his prized toys, from adorable Teddy Bear Dolls to mischievous Poodle Dolls. Experience the charm of Gypsy Street Dancers, Fairy Dolls, and the excitement of Western buckboard rides. Amidst the playful antics of Russian girls and street urchins, the stage is set for an unforgettable journey to the Toymaker’s wondrous shop. In Act 2, as the shop reopens, customers marvel at the extraordinary Sweetheart Dolls, Tarantella Dolls, and Russian Nesting Dolls, culminating in the captivating dance of Medieval Knight and Princess. Yet, as night falls, a poignant realization dawns, leading to a heartwarming conclusion where love triumphs over commerce. Don’t miss the joyous celebration as families embrace newfound happiness with Poodle Dolls, uniting in a spirited Cake Walk dance.

Calendar for The Academy of Dance Arts Presents: "La Magasin de Jouets Fantastique" (The Fantastic Toyshop)

  • 11:00am

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The Academy of Dance Arts

4300 Weaver Parkway, Suite 110 Warrenville, IL 60555